Monday, March 19, 2012

Bang Bang!

As our building is brand new a few of the apartments still have work going on which can be quite annoying when you are trying to get to sleep. Last night the banging was so loud from up stairs that Paul went up to see what the commotion was (I know, risky strategy) the door was open so he walked in (again risky) and found five men busy nailing…things together (phew!). After spending 8 minutes explaining that it wasn’t appropriate for them to be putting a kitchen in at 1.00am in the morning, the man in charge replied ‘Sir after 12.00am you will have no banging from us’ ‘It is already 1.00am’ Paul replied ‘Sir, you will hear no banging from us after 12.00am tomorrow evening’ he replied.

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  1. haha funny. but i have experienced this too.
    No regulations for that. one one ocassion i guy was getting 'pest control' done at his home above ours and they drilled too deep so much so all the pesticide began leaking into my flat. instead of apologising he says - hey you got 'free pest control' thanks to me. Like he suddenly expected me to be grateful!


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