Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Woe Is Me!

Who am I gona pout and wear short skirts with??
I'll miss you babe x
No girl likes their ‘time of the month’ but having your ‘time of the month’ in India really takes the biscuit! First of all getting hold of tampons is as difficult as getting hold of magic beans and everything that kind of pissed you off last week really pisses you off this week; such as the leaking tile (yes tile) in the bathroom, the beggar near Good Earth in Colaba who insists on rubbing his arm stump up and down the window leaving greasy stump marks, the randy pigeons at the pool, (maybe I’m just jealous because they can enjoy the refreshing water and I can't because I can't get hold of any magic beans!), the slum parties that start at 10.00pm sharp just in time for bedtime, Ramesh’s peach shirt, the list is endless. But just to put the icing on the big fat cake (that I just ate because i'm bingeing) my best friend in India, Celine has just left to go back to Singapore!! Waahhhhhh, I need a cuddle.


  1. Poor Sophie girl! :) I had already decided that when I move to India, I have to bring a years worth of tampons! I cannot be without! And my sister-in-law had never even seen a tampon before! Can you imagine? Ugh. I am a little nervous about living in India!

  2. lol.. surprisingly enough, magic beans are actually easier to get a hold of than tampons in Mumbai. Try the pharmacy at Breach Candy or Jaslok Hospital.. keeping the number of expats and embassies in the area, I would assume they would stock them.

  3. @ DGD Yes do it! I too bought a years supply last time I was in the UK but have run out now 2 weeks before I go back for a month! Oh and don't be nervous!!

    @John, I presume you are not talking from experience! haha

  4. Wow I thought it was just down in Kerala where they couldn't possibly sell something which would render the young unmarried girls not virgins (someone told me that's why they don't sell them) but in Mumbai it's hard to find them too? Anyway, wanted to share my find with you....www.cilory.com and www.ehealthmart.in both stock the o.b. brand of tampons and deliver all over India! I've used cilory before for some things but not the other one.


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