Wednesday, June 29, 2011

People Write Some Rubbish When They’re Bored!

It has always amazed me as to why there is no plug hole in our shower. Instead the water carefully trickles into the basin, travels a short distance through an expertly positioned tunnel, then works its way over a few tiles and finally down the drain. It never loses course and it always keeps in a precise line, this is probably because of the natural erosion of the tiles (I learnt that at school but it was for rocks and rivers not bathroom tiles and tap water.) Amazing! (It's not amazing at all is it really?)
Some people may say I have to much time on my hands-
The blue arrows indicate the direction of the water

Lets take a closer look:
Please take note of the expertly chizzled outlet for the
water from the shower cubical

Oh and just to clarify a pigeon hasn’t pooed all over my bathroom, this is the actual design of the tiles that someone once chose from a shop, thought ‘aren’t they lovely’ paid good money for them and subsequently decorated their bathroom with them. No offence if you have chosen similar tiles for your bathroom.


  1. amazing! wonderful! best post yet! hahah! you're amazing.

  2. Thank you, I didn't realise i was so nifty with Powerpoint! x

  3. its a small word in indian culture called "JUGADD"... covering up some disaster and trying to work out on existing frame... this is one of the classic example of "JUGAD (sattelment)" :D


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